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Get Children To Love Learning By Using Tangible Rewards

How To Effectively Use Rewards To Motivate Children

How To Effectively Use Rewards To Motivate Children

Using rewards to control behaviour is a common occurence in society: parents reward children for behaving well; teachers reward students for outstanding work; employers reward employees for a job well done; and governments reward model citizens.

My earliest happy memories were those of receiving rewards at school. Nowadays, as a parent and a teacher, I myself use them. Even my children receive rewards at their school. And so, the cycle of reward giving continues.

But, rewards don’t always work. Sometimes people just don’t want the reward because it doesn’t provide enough motivation for them to act. At other times, after they have received their reward, they revert back to their previous behaviour. ┬áSo what do you do when you dangle what you think is a cool reward for them but they don’t react or it didn’t change their behaviour?

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