35 Fun Family Activities

Need fun family activity ideas to do together?

Do you love spending time with your family or do each member fo your family rather spend time doing their own things?

Is this a typical scene in your family home?  You on the computer, your spouse watching television, your son playing on the Playstation or Xbox, your daughter using Instagram on the iphone and your youngest playing with his toys. Instead of interacting with each other and forming close connections you have a family that is disconnected.

Wouldn’t you rather have a family that’s talking with each other, interacting and enjoying one another’s company? How great would it be if your children look forward to spending time with you?

How do you get your family together? Are you short on ideas or don’t know where to start?

You could of course search the internet for scattered information and then you’d have to sift through it. To sve you time and effort. I have compiled the 35 most fun family things to do together into one kindle book. (Don’t worry if you don’t have a kindle, you can download the kindle app directly to your phone, tablet or pc.)

35 Fun Activities To Do Together

35 Fun Activities To Do Together

This book is not just a list. It contains information on each one and how to make it an even better experience. Inside you will find three categories.

1.Inside and Around the House

10 Family Fun Activities to Do In and Around the House

2. Out and About

15 Family Fun Activities Out and About

3. Day Trips

10 Family Fun Day Trips

This is a handy book to have and to refer to. These are the activities that my family and I do together. We have so much fun that I thought others would benefit as well. It has, and is still, working for our family and I’m sure it’ll work for yours as well.

My family and I have done them all and we keep on coming back and doing them. This is our number 12 on the list:

#12 Beach Fun

Don’t wait any longer to get your family together and start enjoy being together. Get your copy now.