Successfully Done

Successfully Done

Are you frustrated with not getting anything done? Are you sick putting things off all the time? Putting off your life, your dreams, your hopes?

It would be such an achievement to finally get that thing that you wanted to do done!

For a long time, I was putting off one of my dreams of writing a book. There just didn’t seemed to be enough time! What with teaching, taking care of the family and running a business, how was I able to sit down and write?

I’ve found that the first step is to make the decision to do then take the first step to do it. It doesn’t matter how small that first step is because once you’ve taken it then the next little step will be much easier. Little by little you’ll get there.

Everyone put things off when they look how far the end is. The trick is to look at your immediate steps – what you can do now to get yourself on route to your finished goal.

These are the first two little steps explained in the Successfully Done book. Follow the steps in this book and you’ll soon be back on track.