All About Cats

Cats are the cutest pets! Well, that's what we believe in our family.

Cats are the cutest pets! Well, that’s what we believe in our family.

Does your young child love cats? Or maybe he’s just interested to find out all about cats. Here is an easy to read kindle picture book that your child will love to read or be read to. (Don’t worry if you don’t have a kindle, you can download the kindle app for free straight to your phone, tablet or pc.)

All about Cats

The book is highly engaging with large clear (and cute!) photos of all kinds of cats. Your child will love to look at them over and over again. Each page has one or two sentences for easy reading. Your child will find out about how long cats can live to, why they lick their furs, have whiskers and other interesting facts!

Sometimes all it takes for your child to love reading is finding the right books.  Get your copy now!