NaNoWriMo 2016

It’s NaNoWriMo! Yes it’s halfway through the month and I’m just writing about it.

This year, I said I was going to join in and write my novel…I’ve joined but I haven’t written a word.

I sat here in front of my computer and just stared at the screen. There were so many ideas in my head but I didn’t know which one to write. When I’ve finally settled on one of the novel ideas that I had in my head, I was stuck. I didn’t know where to start.

I needed a plan or an outline of the story. I knew what I wanted to write about but I needed that outline so I’d know what would be in each chapter. So I started to draft out my outline but it got too complicated. I needed more time to think about how I would develop the story. I needed more time and the first day was nearly over. I needed to write something. Then I gave up.

The lesson? I needed my story outline before NaNoWriMo started so that when it was Day 1, I could imediately start writing.

Oh well.


A New Parenting Guide Workbook

So I’ve finished this guide/workbook last year, would you believe, but I’ve finally managed to put it up on fiverr.

Hey, it wasn’t my fault that I listened to people who say to ‘get all your funnel in place before you launch your product’. I’ve finally said enough to waiting and put it up anyway.

I’m nowhere near to finishing my main product, which is a parenting book about how parents can nurture their relationship with their child through proper communications. I actually have 8500 words for this book but it just snowballed and at the moment seems so insurmountable that I stopped for a while (my procrastination kicking in). I will get back to it one day. Soon, I hope.

So at the moment the ‘lead magnet’ is in place (that is, my guide/workbook). I say that it’s better to have it up out in the world then to wait until a day that might not happen (that is, my actual book).

What do you think? Smart move ot not? 🙂

How to improve your relationship with your child

You can see what the guide is about by clicking on the image.

New Short Read Teaching Book: Teaching Techniques

I’ve been procrastinating again! But this year, my aim is to write more books, God willing.

What I find hard about writing is finding the time – ok that’s a procrastinating excuse. So this year, I’m inspired to try to write and finish a book in a weekend.

Ha ha – I’m just laughing at myself here because I’ve just finished a book that I’ve started 2 weekends ago – and it’s a short read kindle book, which means that it’s only about 3000 words. Hey, better done than never, right?

My problem was, and is, that the book gets too long and then I get distracted and discouraged so I leave it until the next book idea comes up. I have about 5 unfinished books waiting to be finished at this moment.

The solution? I think I’ve found it! Just write short read books. I can manage that, if not in a weekend then in 2 or 3 weekends. That I can live with.

So here it is, my ‘Teaching Techniques: Teach Your Child Better’.


If you’ve been trying to write and finish a book, do you think that writing a short read book will help you? I’d love to read your thoughts.

Welcome (back)

I’ve had this blog for a few years now but I stopped posting because things kept cropping up and I was unclear of what I wanted to use this blog for. But I have figured it out and decided to use this for all the books that I’ve written. (I have a few other blogs, one on teaching and the other on parenting – you find the links on the bottom right of this page).

With that intention, I hope you like what I have to offer!