Free Download List of Reasons Why You Procrastinate

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve been procrastinating then one of these three categories may help you to better understand it. Sometimes simply knowing why will help you to overcome the hurdle.

I’m not a habitual procrastinator but when it comes to life changing goals I tend to put them off. It didn’t even occurred to me that I was making excuses to procrastinate until many many years later. It wasn’t until I realised why I was making these excuses that I could confront it. It being the fear of failure (I go into this more in my book ‘Successfully Done’).

A lot of people get stuck because they don’t know what’s holding them back. You know what they say about knowing your enemies – so you could deal with them better. And if you don’t deal with the reasons why you procrastinate then you can’t move forward.

Go here to download the free list of reasons why you may procrastinate. This link will take you to a program called ‘The Four Steps To Stop Procrastinating’. You can watch the video or straightaway click on the orange continue button. This will take you to the free Module 1 of the program and from here you can click on the download.

You will find that the reasons for procrastination falls into 3 broad categories: resentment, fear of failure and fear of success. The author goes into the why and how each one makes you procrastinate.

If you could relate to what the author is saying then you could purchase the rest of the modules (1-4) from the program for $47. I’ll be open here. This is an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase from the link then I get a commission. I’ve listened to the free module and downloaded the free list and I’ve resonated with them that is why I’m recommending them to you but if you want to dive deeper with the rest of the program then you could purchase the rest.

I’m not asking you to buy here but to go and just listen and download the free stuff to get you unstuck, get things done and reach your goals.


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